Short Term Disability

General Information

The company’s Short-Term Disability (STD) policy is designed to continue a percentage of your pay during a qualified and approved temporary disability leave. The STD policy provides you with pay continuation for up to 26 weeks starting on the eighth consecutive calendar day after you are temporarily disabled due to an illness or injury. For purposes of this policy, disability means the complete inability to perform the duties of your regular position due to illness or injury. Leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) runs concurrently with your STD leave.

Employees do not accrue vacation time during leaves of absence or other periods of inactive service, unless such accrual is required by applicable law.



Full-time employees are eligible for STD leave. For new hires, coverage is effective the first day of the month on or after your enrollment date. You are automatically enrolled in the company provided 100% of pay for the first four weeks of your disability, and 40% thereafter, unless you buy-up to 60% or 80% of pay.

Please have the following information available when you report your leave:

  • Your medical care provider’s name, address, fax and phone number
  • Your manager’s name, telephone number and e-mail address
  • Reason you are out of work (diagnosis/symptoms)​

How to Apply for Short-Term Disability

If you are out of work for more than seven consecutive calendar days or have an upcoming planned disability absence such as childbirth or surgery, please follow these steps to apply for Short-Term Disability:

  1. Contact your supervisor to report your absence.
  2. Print this document, sign and date the Authorization to Release Information section, and leave with your physician or medical care provider at your next visit.  Lincoln Financial requires your physician to provide information about your medical condition. If this information cannot be obtained, benefits may be delayed
  3. Report your claim/leave via (Company Code:TRIBPUB) or by calling 1-855-832-9585. Intake Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Keep a record of your claim/leave number. Reporting your claim/leave online provides the added convenience of printing a report which includes a summary of your claim/leave details.
  5. Check the status of your claim/leave online at or by calling your Disability Case Manager at 1-888-440-6118or FMLA Leave Specialist at 1-877-353-7188, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

STD Waiting Period

The STD policy provides you with disability pay starting on the eighth consecutive calendar day that you are disabled and absent from work due to illness or a non-work related accident.  During the first seven calendar days of approved STD, known as the “waiting period”, the Corporate Benefits Team will apply FTO as follows:

  • Non-Exempt – Paid using available flexible paid time off.
  • Exempt – Paid using FTO.


STD Pay begins on the 8th consecutive day of your leave. STD Pay is 100% of Pay for the first 4 weeks, and 40% thereafter, unless you bought up to 60% or 80% of pay during open enrollment. Holidays are not paid during STD leave, including during the waiting period.​

Your STD pay will begin once Lincoln Financial has approved your claim. To help make timely payments, employees need to ensure their doctors have provided the appropriate documentation to Liberty Mutual.  Clinical documentation is required. A doctor’s note stating the employee needs to be off work until a certain date is not sufficient.

Timing of STD Pay:  

In order to get paid on a given payday, the approval must be made within the given pay period. If the approval is received after the cutoff, your STD pay will not be issued until the following paycheck.

State Disability Benefits

If you work in the state of California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, state disability pay is used to offset your company-paid short term disability.  It is the employee’s responsibility to apply and coordinate directly with the state.  Please contact your state disability department to file for these benefits as soon as possible.

If you are awarded statutory benefits, you must provide a copy of your award letter to Lincoln Financial.  Until Lincoln Financial receives the awards letter, your disability will be offset by an estimated amount.

For more information on the California State Disability Insurance (SDI), please click here.

Benefit Deductions

The company will maintain the same benefits you had prior to going on Short-Term Disability. Benefits are deducted from your STD Pay. If your claim is pending approval, benefit deductions are held in arrears and deducted upon approval of the claim.  If claim is denied, you may be direct billed for benefit premiums

​Returning to Work

​You must report your “Return to Work” date within 7 days of returning to work. To report your RTW date, please call Lincoln Financial’s ​Return to Work Hotline ​at 855-832-9585, option 4. The Corporate Benefits team will be notified of your RTW and return you from leave in WorkDay to reinstate regular pay. It is important that you report your RTW to avoid any delays with reinstating your regular pay.

The purpose of this summary is to provide highlights of your Company Benefits plan. Eligibility and benefit payment determinations will be governed by the plan documents. In the event of a discrepancy between the information provided in this material and the plan documents, the plan documents will govern. The Company reserves the right to change, amend or terminate the benefit plans at any time for any reason. Your eligibility for benefits does not guarantee continued employment at the Company or any of its entities. Benefits for union-represented em­ployees are subject to collective bargaining and may differ from the ben­efit plans described above. Also, premiums for union-represented employees who participate in one or more of these plans may be different. Local Human Resources can answer any questions about benefits for union-represented employees.