Non-Disability Leave of Absence

General Information

Under certain circumstances, you may request a non-disability leave of absence from the company. Requests for leaves may include:

  • Personal leave of absence
  • Military leave
  • Military spouse leave

How to Apply for a Personal Leave

  1. Notify your supervisor at least 30 days in advance
  2. Request your leave through Lincoln Financial at (Company Code: TRIBPUB) or by calling 855-832-9585.
  3. Lincoln Financial will mail you a Personal Leave Application.
  4. Obtain approval from your supervisor
  5. Submit completed application to Lincoln Financial

Pay While on Leave of Absence

While on a leave of absence, you are not paid your regular salary unless required by law.

Non-exempt employees are required to exhaust all accrued available flexible paid time off to supplement your unpaid personal leave.  You may not use unaccrued flexible paid time off while on a personal leave.  Employees do not accrue flexible paid time off during leaves of absence or other periods of inactive services, unless such accrual is required by applicable law.

Exempt employees are unpaid during a personal leave of absence.

Benefits While on a Leave of Absence

  • You may continue medical, dental, vision, life insurance, accident insurance, flexible spending accounts and group legal benefits while on an approved leave of absence at the same cost as active employees for a maximum duration of 12 months.
  • You will be direct-billed for your benefits.
  • While on a personal leave of absence, you would not be eligible for short term or long term disability benefits.​​​​